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Building Envelope (Fenestration) Testing


Fenestration is the design and placement of openings in a building. Fenestration “products” are any transparent or translucent glazing material, plus any associated sash, framer mullions and/or dividers, in the envelope of a building, thus not limited to just windows and doors. It is essential that these installed structures be weather tight, as well as structurally sound.

To determine the suitability of these structures, test methods have been developed and are used throughout the construction industry to determine important information related:

  • Air Infiltration (Leakage)
  • Water Intrusion (Resistance)
  • Structural Performance (Load)
  • Forced Entry Resistance
  • And more….

These tests, along with others, were developed to help ensure that both the initial product and final construction meet the required building design codes and local construction standards.

Air Infiltration

Building of all shapes and sizes are subjected to wind loads. Depending on the geographic location of these buildings, design wind loads can vary significantly. Load imposed by winds can result in air leakage around the buildings various Fenestration products. The equipment we have created and utilize is intended to simulate the anticipated wind loads that are expected to impact your building Fenestration products via air leaks.

Air leakage is determined by monitoring a high precision “Mass-Flow” meter while maintaining the test specimen at a constant air pressure differential. With
positive or negative mass air flow, our technicians are capable of determining the overall performance of the Fenestration product. Errors in type, mounting, application, design, etc., can be determined through the use of our “state of the art” static and dynamic pressure chambers.

Allow CTI to help you reduce potential risk or future fenestration problems by evaluating your proposed fenestration products. CTI has the capabilities to perform and
complete this testing in both the field and in our certified laboratory.

Water Intrusion

Water resistance testing is intended to verify the suitability of test specimens for resistance to water penetration under cyclic or static air pressure. The purpose of the cyclic or static air pressure testing is to use air pressure differences which simulate differing storm events or conditions.

By using our custom designed pressure chambers, along with our “two-step” water intrusion test method, we can help you identify any deficiencies in the Fenestration product or completely installed system. The actual test results can also be used to differentiate between problems with water penetration occurring inside the Fenestration product itself or if whether the penetration has occurred into the surrounding wall cavity.

One benefit to completing the testing process for both the air and water intrusion (leakage) is that these tests can work in conjunction with thermal and deflection evaluations to pinpoint problems more specifically, and can be done on site with one combined process, which in turn, will cut costs and save time by eliminating redundant testing or set ups.

Structural Performance

When the project or specific construction situation requires a more comprehensive evaluation of the fenestration product, CTI can complete uniform load testing to determine if compliance with project specifications.

Uniform load testing allows the test specimen’s structural integrity to be evaluated by subjecting the test specimen to a prescribed pressure differential is across its surface area. The intent of this test is to simulate the added stresses that occur during a storm event, and identify any existing leaks. Although this is primarily a laboratory test, results can be obtained if completed in conjunction with the air or water intrusion tests.

Forced Entry Resistance

CTI is also capable of providing the necessary testing by which you can grade your fenestration products for their resistance to forced entry. Testing can be completed for project specific requirements as well as testing based on nationally recognized standards. The end result is an irrefutable evaluation that helps you, and your company, comply with legal requirements or help make the right decision regarding your Fenestration products for each individual project.

Local, Professional Services

Whether your designing or constructing residential homes, commercial buildings, or industrial facilities, Carlson Testing, Inc. can be your professional consultant in the Pacific Northwest for Fenestration testing and inspection. We are committed to delivering professional, accurate and reliable results utilizing qualified and trained personnel. CTI is also committed to developing a strong relationship with every customer.

CTI has an ever expanding scope of Non Destructive Testing Services, which is being developed to fulfill the ever changing needs of the design and construction industry. We are now offering Fenestration testing services to help determine compliance with current building requirements related to fenestration products and building envelope systems.

Our analysis can be used for both routine monitoring and early detection of construction defects. We offer responsive, efficient, and informative reports with accurate and reliable test results. By using our services, you help detect and potentially avoid problems in structural designs by using our non-intrusive testing methods. Testing and documentation is an effective and efficient way to detect and redefine required design characteristics of Fenestration products and systems.

Fenestration Testing Standards offered:

  • ASTM E283
  • ASTM E330
  • ASTM E331
  • ASTM E547
  • ASTM E783
  • ASTM E987
  • ASTM E1105
  • ASTM E2068
  • ASTM F588
  • ASTM F842