Services we offer.

Specialty Testing Services

Our "Specialty Testing Department" takes care of the extraordinary requests which go beyond the needs of regular special inspection and testing services.

Our Specialty Testing Division takes care of the extraordinary requests which go beyond the needs of regular special inspection and testing services.

This department operates out of the Tigard Office and consists of specially trained senior level technicians managed and operating under the direct supervision of a registered licensed professional engineer (P.E.)

They conduct both standardized and non-standardized testing for in-house or on the jobsite research, quality control, quality assurance or independent verification. These tests are typically tailored to meet the unique needs of the project, client, and/or responsible design professional.

Examples of the various types of “Specialty” services we provide include:


  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) for Embedded Reinforcing Steel or PT Cables
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) for Voids, Site Utilities, & Electrical Conduit Locating
  • Floor Moisture Emission & Relative Humidity Probe Testing
  • Slab Floor Flatness and Levelness Testing
  • Rebar Locating
  • Schmidt (rebound)Hammr & Windsor Probe Strength Testing
  • Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity & Impact Echo NDT
  • Anchor Pull & Shear Testing
  • Half-Cell Potential Corrosion Analysis


  • Observation & Assessments
  • Crack Monitoring
  • Stress-Strain Instrumentation and Monitoring
  • Vibration and Noise Monitoring
  • Pre- and Post-Construction Surveys
  • Boroscopic Investigations
  • Resistographic In-Place Wood Soundness Testing
  • Roofing Inspection
  • Building Materials Moisture Testing
  • Litigation Support
  • Product Analysis (Analytical, Infrared Spectroscopy and Mass Spectrometry)
  • Materials Coring and Sampling
  • Window (Fenestration) Testing,Water Penetration & Air Infiltration
  • Egress Lighting


  • RILEM Permeability Testing
  • Adhesion & Bond Strength
  • Chemical Analysis of Hardened Mortar
  • URM Anchor Pull-Out & Shear Testing
  • In-Situ Flat-Jack (URM Stress & Deformability Test)
  • Brick Shear Testing


  • Full Scale Structure Load Testing
  • Roof Fall Protection Anchorage Proof Load Testing
  • Fire Escape Testing & Certification


  • Coatings Thickness
  • Mechanical Properties Testing of Metals
  • Audits of In-House Shop Facilities
  • Welder Certifications

Our specialty department does not shy away from complicated or unique and challenging assignments. With their vast knowledge and extensive design and construction experience, our specialty department has proven to be a valued and respected partner. Whether the material is new or old, or whether you don’t know whats there or how good it is, we can help you evaluate your materials so you can make sound engineering conclusions related to integrity and suitability and use or incorporation into your project.

We strive to exceed your expectations and our participation is geared toward helping you understand the type of testing you require and the interpretation and utilization of the results.